www.AffiliateWebsiteLab.com – In this video we take a look at the Website Builder ‘smart tag’ technology. It enables ‘point and click’ replacement of of text, graphics plus the insertion of any additional html or other programming languages coding, if you’ can and want to. The websites are pre-built, with Products which you may interchange with any other product or use them out of the box. The customization occurs with a few mouse clicks in wysiwyg mode. You can load up the affiliate products of your choice, your own products or the products made available with the ready made website, or all three of them. It is totally up to you. This website builder also enable you to enter payment details, your autoresponder code. It is compatible with all the major autoresponders and gateway payments and pre-programmed to activate the functionality just by entering you credential. All this from your browser… I will even upload the customized site to YOUR server. Build your websites in minutes and start focusing on promoting your business or affiliate marketing websites immediately. All you have to do is visit www.AffiliateWebsiteLab.com and we’ll take you by the hand, with step by step ‘look over my shoulder as I do it’ type of videos.

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