To be able to find affordable vehicle insurance rates, it will help to know the factors that affect the increase and decrease of the rates. Doing this can provide you control over these factors. Take for example how new model of vehicle can increase vehicle insurance premium because of the relative higher cost of repair or how good driving record can build a good impression to insurance carrier and lower your rates.

When you shop for affordable rates, consider companies that offer discounts. Here are the categories that can help you save on insurance rates.

Discounts related to vehicle driven

a. You can get discounts from carriers for having safety features in your vehicle. Some of these safety features are anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts and airbags. Anti-theft alarm reduces the risk of your vehicle from being stolen. Monitoring devices can also ensure that the vehicle is driven safely. These features are worth of a discount given by most insurance providers.

b. Having an SUV can become a financial burden. Therefore, it is important to note that the type of vehicle that you have can affect the amount of premium that you pay. Providers use this to evaluate the riskiness of the vehicle in case of an accident like collision, injury and theft claims.

Discounts related to Driving

a. Drivers with clean driving record are eligible to acquire discounts from insurance providers because the record shows that they are safe drivers. Always be careful when you drive. Maintain a clean driving record. A single speeding ticket may give an impression that you are a reckless driver.

b. Some companies consider drivers who finished defense driving class, accident avoidance class and driver improvement course for discounts.


Being a member of professional associations and clubs like AAA can give you a privilege for discounts.

d. Driving low mileage every year can make you eligible for discounts. To do this, try to use public transportation more often. You can also participate in carpool instead of driving your own vehicle.

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