“Turnkey Technologies was a fantastic partner in our conversion to Microsoft Dynamics GP. They continue to be a valuable resource as we continue to improve our financial reporting.”

– CFO, Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.

“We tried for years to locate a partner and solution that would handle our needs but we always hit roadblocks. Turnkey got us past those road blocks with a ‘We Can!’ attitude and a drive to meet our needs.”

– Controller, DNA Genetics

“We wanted to go live on our new system very quickly – within 30 days. Turnkey Technologies did not hesitate when we presented our rather aggressive timeline. They ran side-by-side with us during the implementation, providing great insight, training and support.”

– Paige Insalaco, CFO, Trapp Technology

“Turnkey Technologies was instrumental in providing us with robust ERP and eCommerce platforms. These sophisticated tools help us reduce costs, increase sales and serve our customers better.”

– Owner, Aerial Bouquets

“The Turnkey team understands every aspect of our business; what we do, where we are, where we want to be, and how to overcome potential challenges to getting there. Their innovative solution and commitment to supporting us has made a huge, positive difference in how we provide our services.”

– VP of Operations, EMSAR

“It would be difficult to justify the overhead cost of hiring an in-house developer,
so by working with Turnkey we reap the benefits of having a Dynamics GP expert available when needed.”

– Director of Finance, Missouri Baptist University

“I always have a good experience with Turnkey. They are the jedis. I always feel smarter and in good hands when working with them. We don’t have any support without Turnkey and they’re always available to steer us straight when we’re in trouble.”

– Tim Day, Domaine

“There were days when our Turnkey consultant was onsite from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. We have always been pleased with Turnkey’s thorough work and devotion to our business. They really care about our overall success.”

– Director of Technology, Volpi Foods, Inc.

“Turnkey stands out because in addition to giving us what we need right now, they anticipate what we’ll need in the future. By fully understanding our requirements, they are able to devise a long-term strategy for us to maximize the benefits of this technology.”

– VP of Operations, Shapiro Metals

“I feel that we have not only a vendor, but a true business partner in Turnkey. Someone who will be there to help us with our unique needs, without trying to make us conform to a one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone here is grateful and excited to be working with Turnkey Technologies.”

– IT Manager, Superior Ag

“The Turnkey team is guided by a positive attitude rooted in accountability and tenaciousness. Anytime there was a challenge, they were able to make things work. Their success in this project is thanks to their ability to evaluate our processes and come up with more effective solutions. We are very pleased that they were able to adapt to our needs.”

– Controller, Synergy, LLC

“The Turnkey solution has allowed us to focus on providing superior value to our customers by enabling us to spend more time improving our product and our service. Turnkey’s expertise and creativity developed a leading-edge system that customers have embraced, improving their effectiveness as well as ours.”

– CFO, DNA Genetics

“With Microsoft Dynamics GP and expert guidance from Turnkey Technologies, we’ve transformed a two-week project to a project accomplished in one business day.”

– Finance Manager, Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.

“The Turnkey team has years of experience, and transparently communicates which of our expectations are realistic and which are far-fetched given our constraints. Thanks to Turnkey’s approach and effective delivery, EMSAR doesn’t just provide field service; field service is infused into our corporate DNA.”

– VP of Operations, EMSAR

“Turnkey’s technical and functional skills with CRM are a great asset. To be able to build our documents and integrate them seamlessly with CRM has made the quoting process more accessible and user-friendly. These improvements are a true testament to the quality of their people.”

– IT Director, Santinelli International

“Turnkey’s team is very responsive and patient. Throughout a project, we get many stop and go’s from management, and having flexibility from Turnkey helped us in getting initial information and waiting for the green light to start moving.”

– CRM Administrator, ABC Laboratories

“If we have a question related to GP, we know who to go to. The Turnkey team responds quickly to our needs.
If a consultant doesn’t immediately know the answer, they go the distance to find a resolution.”

– VP of Finance, Medical Transportation Management, Inc.

“With our previous partner it was like the blind leading the blind. Turnkey Technologies listened to us, documents our needs and had the right mix of people with technical, functional and customer-focused vision to turn our requirements into reality.”

– VP of Operations, Shapiro Metals

“From the very beginning, we knew we had made the right choice with Turnkey Technologies. Because they took the time to evaluate our processes and find better ways to do things, we have been able to become more efficient. Their credibility and follow-through truly make them stand out.”

– Controller, Synergy, LLC