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Few Easy Steps to Start Your Online turnkey website Business with Amazon Affiliate

Select Your Turnkey Website

Go through our categories and sub-categories to choose your moneymaking site that is integrated with revenue generation sources like Amazon, AdSense, or Click Bank.

If you would like to customize your order, then specify your desired site layout, logo, header, content and other requirements while filling out the form.

If you want us to promote your site through SEO, mention that in the form too.

Submit the form and make the total payment, so that we will start your work.

Select with or without Domain Name* and Hosting

Buy your domain name if you don’t have any.

Option for our web hosting account and service if you don’t have any of your own servers

Create AdSense, Amazon, Click Bank or other affiliate accounts, if you don’t have them, we will provide you links and help to get it
Website Delivery/Make Your Online Business Live

Once your order is placed, our expert team of web designers and programmers will start working on your site within 24-48 hours.

Then your moneymaking site will be live and you will be informed of this through email.

*Some site does not have option for domain selection, Please refer to Site description

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