Overall: Software Capability wise is unquestionably great but for any new potential customer who are interested in this solution, these would be my advise to you. 1) Trial the software as much as you can in order to understand how the entire system works. Best is if you form a team dedicated in testing the software and all the nitty gritty details, documenting how the behaviors works. If you are not sure about how it works, ask plenty of questions and follow up questions. They are very professional on this. 2) Make sure you evaluate well whether this software can fit into your company business plans or not. It may take longer time for you but it will save you a lot trouble in the long run. 3) Ask lots of questions during the initial phase and requirement phase. Its very important. Our experiences with Turnkey Lender is they tend to be open for negotiation on most things in regards of pricing, requirement and support. Kindly negotiate.

Pros: When you trial the software, you can know that they know their stuffs well. If your current solution can only gives you a 10 million portfolio monthly max and you would like to grow it to 100 million portfolio and above, this is the one that can give you the power to achieve it 1) Ease of Use. From Customer’s Origination status to Bad Debt Status, the borrower will move into the relevant status automatically 2) Notifications to customers can be via SMS or Email. Customizing your notifications to your borrowers is very easy. 3) Easy File Export. File export can be easily exported by stating the correct status and the dates, available in excel and csv 4) Flexible customization for your credit products. Credit products can easily customized with your own interest rate, min and max loan amount and etc 5) fast customization and deployment 6) Scoring modules 7) Can launch a new offering easily

Cons: 1) Stock version is mostly based on US requirements. For organizations not based in US which would like to use it, some customization will be needed in order to meet their needs. I would hope for more regional requirements will be appearing in the solutions 2) Many Processes are automated. Not exactly a con but more like a mental preparation for Organization that wants to grow from 10 million to 100 million monthly, some existing flexible processes that assist you to grow from 0 to 10 million will need to be discarded and this software will help you in a great way. 3) Most of the new updates done by Turnkey Lender will only be applicable to users who are using the stock version. If your solution is heavily customized, receiving new updates will be very subjective or not available. Its very important to include this into your initial contract negotiations on how this can be done. 3) Pricing is only in USD. Hope to see charging in regional currencies instead of USD.