1 not being under the rule or control of another

  • the 20th century saw many African countries become free after many years of European rule

2 no longer burdened with something unpleasant or painful

  • after our son arrived home safely, we were grateful to be free from worry

3 not bound, confined, or detained by force

  • all of the animals in the game preserve are free to roam all over its vast area

4 not costing or charging anything

  • although the museum normally charges admission, on Wednesdays it is free to all

5 allowing passage without obstruction

  • make sure the pass is free before you attempt the trip through the mountains this winter

6 giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation

  • the lottery winner was very free with his money

7 not being in a state of use, activity, or employment

  • this computer terminal is free if you need to use it

8 showing a lack of proper social reserve or modesty

  • she’s a little too free with information about her social life

9 not physically attached to another unit

  • an arrangement of free columns adds interest to the Greco-Roman sculpture garden

1 to set free (as from slavery or confinement)

  • a global crusade to free Nelson Mandela from a South African prison had emerged

2 to make passage through (something) possible by removing obstructions

  • we’ll free the river by breaking up the ice jam

3 to rid the surface of (as an area) from things in the way

  • would you mind freeing up the work area so I can work?

4 to set (a person or thing) free of something that encumbers

  • a phone call would free your parents from worry

5 to set free from entanglement or difficulty

  • this plan should free us from debt