Salaams, What’s up?

You might be wondering, “Adam, why are you teaching me all this for free, what do you get out of it, are you going to make me pay for something on the next page?”

And no, I won’t.
The answer is very simple. I want to help you.

You see, a few days ago I asked a simple question on my Instagram,
“What is your biggest worry today?”

And the responses made me cry. I had NO idea how many people following me were struggling SO MUCH financially. There were a lot of “I can’t pay my rent this month”, “I can’t afford to pay for groceries.”

But there was one that struck me the hardest….
“A family member passed away due to covid19, and we can’t afford to pay for the Janaazah (burial).

After reading that, I messaged the brother and did what I could to help him, but it made me think, Why am I not helping these people out. I have the Secret to making money online, without any experience needed, without any investment needed, and these people NEED MY HELP.
It is my DUTY as a muslim to help them. But while I do giveaways often to help, I can’t pay their bills every time.

You see, I’ve been in your shoes. I have been broke to the point I wanted to get into drugs just to clear my mind. But someone helped me when I needed it the most, and I managed to turn my life around.
So I decided to create this FREE training. To Insha Allah help all of you to turn your life around…

Ever wondered whether there’s a way for you to make money online?
From home.
Or travelling the world?
Well there is!
AND You don’t need any Experience either.

IF you’re fed up of not having enough money to pay for your bills, being late on rent payments, not being able to buy that new car or the new clothes.
IF you’re fed up of being so broke you can’t take your children to a theme park.
IF you’re a student who relies on student finance bursaries to be able to afford your lunch meals. ..