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We’re helping you deliver what matters

Now more than ever, it’s important that companies like yours keep doing business. You have the power of our network, insights, trucks and planes behind you.

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Make e-commerce easier

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Let us help. With dependable shipping.
Simple returns. And useful insights from experts and peers to keep you moving forward.

Start your online business

Get insights on ecommerce platforms, funding and more. Develop a shipping strategy and a returns process, then pick the best packaging solution.

Grow your online business

Fulfill and ship orders

Streamline your fulfillment and inventory management. Get tips for choosing shipping that fits your business. And pack like a pro.

Support your customers

These final touchpoints help build customer loyalty. Returns, tracking and delivery control are easy with our solutions and apps. 

Your e-commerce business. Your unique needs.
Our services can help.

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E-commerce tools and services

You know your company’s challenges. See our services and tools and how they can help, organized by need.

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Shipping options for e-commerce businesses

Your ideal balance of speed and economy depends on your priorities. See options ranked by speed and cost.

Get shipping help for your small business

Chat with a FedEx expert, request a phone consultation, get how-to guides and more. Get help now.

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