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Outside of the billionaire-targeted penthouses, the building also has a lineup ofturnkeyapartments available at slightly more affordable prices.

From Business Insider

The report noted that costs differ depending on whether schools purchaseturnkey, purchase components, or build curriculum and tools.

From Huffington Post

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At the base layer, the company offers a hardware server product that is designed to be turn-key and secure by default.

From TechCrunch

Your kid’s brain is not aturnkeysystem; it really does require you to talk and play and challenge cognitively.

From The Seattle Times

There isn’t aturnkeyway to start a big brand.

From Fast Company

There are no perfect fits, noturnkeysolutions, but many of the issues we face are not completely new.

From Wired

Manufactured to satisfy every possible need, they areturnkeymicrocosms of our priorities.

From Los Angeles Times

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in Chinese (Traditional)

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(設備)即可使用的, 可立刻交鎖匙的…

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(设备)即可使用的, 可立刻交钥匙的…

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turning circle

turning point

turning radius



turnkey contract